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K-8 8:30-3:00
9-12 asynchronous

K-12 Schedules

K-12 Course Catalog and Schedules

Students in kindergarten through 12th grade will get the same high-quality classes as any other MPS student with opportunities for both in-person and virtual field trips and class activities.

See K-12 course descriptions above

Students and families will have the opportunity to meet their teacher(s) face-to-face during orientation, class and school events, and learning support sessions/labs. 

MPS Online School follows the same District calendar.

Elementary Students (K-5 grades)

What time will school start for students?

The school day is from 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. Morning meeting will be at 8:30 a.m. for grades K-5.

Students will be expected to be online at specified times per their communicated daily schedule from their teacher.

What will an elementary school student’s schedule look like?  Will there be real-time (synchronous) time with the teacher every day?

Student attendance will be taken during the day. Students will need to attend all of their small groups, and all of their Specialists classes that are offered through out the day.  Classes will be offered both in real-time (synchronous) and self-directed (asynchronous) throughout the day. 

Middle Grades Students (6-8 grades)

What will a middle school student’s schedule look like? Will there be real-time (synchronous) time with the teacher every day?

Middle school students will learn in a blended learning environment where both real-time (synchronous) and self-directed (asynchronous) work will create a flexible learning environment for students. Teachers will host weekly advisory meetings to connect with students' social-emotional learning. Teachers will meet with students in real-time throughout the week. This may be in the form of three or four formal lessons, along with office hours, individual student meetings or small group lessons, and hands-on learning. 

High School Coursework (grades 9-12)

What will a high school student’s schedule look like? Will there be real-time (synchronous) time with the teacher every day?

High school students will learn in a self-directed (asynchronous) learning environment that will be paced throughout the quarter for students so teachers can monitor their progress. Teachers will host daily office hours and support student learning through labs, small group lessons, and individual student meetings.

Will MPS Online School offer all the same courses as other MPS high schools?

Yes, MPS Online School will offer all courses needed for graduation, including AP courses, languages, CTE, and PSEO opportunities. A complete course catalog will be found on the MPS Online website soon.

Will a student be able to take advanced placement (AP) academic coursework?

High school students will be able to participate in AP English, AP Math, AP Science, and AP Social Studies.

Will there be world language courses available and for which grades?

Japanese, Ojibwe, and Dakota will be offered for students in grades 9-12.

Will high school students be able to be enrolled in Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)?

Yes, MPS Online School counselors will work with students to support them in all PSEO opportunities and other post-secondary planning.

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1250 W Broadway
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Fax: 612-668-0724
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