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Student Support

What types of supports will be available if my student is finding a class challenging?

MPS Online School staff provide individualized and small group student support. Lessons will be recorded for students to review the content at their own pace. Teachers will work with students and caregivers to create a support plan to ensure student success.

Will mental health services be available?

Yes, mental health services will be provided by a school social worker. This school social worker, along with a site-based mental health team, will be available to provide mental health support to students, as well as consultation to staff and families.

Will devices and hotspots be provided to students who have the need?

Yes, if a student does not have their own device they will either receive an iPad (grades K-2) or Chromebook (grades 3-12) while they are in MPS Online School. Families should plan to get internet access; some low-cost options are available through Internet Essentials; hotspots through MPS will be available for those students who are unable to get their own internet access.

Will there be technology support? 

MPS Online School has dedicated staff who will be on call as a tech support line during the school day. Support is also available for Hmong, Somali, and Spanish-speaking families. 

Will there be parent-teacher conferences?

Yes, just like any other school, there will be parent-teacher conferences and other school-wide events.

What will be the family’s responsibility with their online learner?

Families play an important role in supporting students in an online environment. Families are expected to be present and monitor their students during the learning day. Family support shows that the student's learning is a top priority and helps students succeed. When students participate in real-time (synchronous) online learning with their teacher, families can support their students by being present to help supervise, providing a space that is free from distractions, including other family members being on camera. Families are also asked to not take pictures or video during the real-time (synchronous) learning session.

Family and student orientation will be provided at the beginning of the year, and parent support groups will be offered throughout the year. The parent support sessions will be hosted in-person and virtually and hosted by MPS support staff and teachers. It will provide caregivers an opportunity to learn, ask questions, connect with MPS Online School staff, and other caregivers and parents of MPS Online School students. Orientation topics and year-long support include:

  • Student schedule and establishing a routine for success.
  • Setting up a workspace and organization strategies.
  • Getting to know the online platforms.
  • Ways to communicate with teachers.

MPS Online School is recommending that at the elementary level, families provide a high level of support and oversight. Families help set the schedule for providing breaks, snacks, and meals, as well as monitor their student’s progress throughout the day and communicate with the teacher often.

MPS Online School is recommending that at the middle school level, family oversight varies based on their student’s needs and progress. Families should be present every day and keep an eye on their student’s progress, grades and support student-teacher communication.

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