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Science classes are focused on making students informed scientifically literate citizens.

The state of Minnesota requires three (3) years of science. This should include one (1) year of Biology and one (1) year of Chemistry or Physics.


Browse the following science courses offered at MPS On-Line below, or for a more detailed MPS science information, click HERE.

Biology 1 & 2

Biology is a two semester, Minnesota state science standards aligned course, in which the students will study the complexities of living things.

Students will:

  • Investigate the biochemical processes of life
  • Explore life cycles, especially that of the cell
  • Study the interaction of life with non-living things Investigate three human organ systems, behavior and physiology
  • Examine the dynamics of ecosystems, including: cycles, energy, trophic levels, populations, and human issues
  • Examine the evidence for several living systems theories, including: cell theory, germ theory, chromosomal theory, theory of genetics, and evolutionary theory

Grade 9th or 10th
Quarter Credit: .25


  • Lessons 25% of student grade
  • Quizzes 25% of student grade
  • Projects (performance tasks) 25% of student grade
  • Tests 25% of student grade


total course grade

A ( 93%-100%), A- (90%-92%)

B+(87%-89%), B (83%-86%), B- (80%-82%)

C+(77%-79%), C (73%-76%), C- (70%-72%)

D+(67%-69%), D (63%-66%), D- (60%-62%)

F ( < 60%)