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Creative Writing

Creative Writing Online

This course will help you to further develop your creative writing skills, through exposure to what others have written, and by asking you to evaluate and practice your own writing.

Writing is made up of the writing process and the creative process. The writing process is the physical task of writing of which includes pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, publishing and assessing.

The creative process, on the other hand, is much harder to define. The creative process is what the artist does when they are creating something that did not previously exist. The creative process involves making decisions about what to write about, what genre to use, what form to put the writing in, as well as how to structure it, what language to use, what the theme will be, and what imagery to use. The end result is the creation of something new that has its own meaning, it's own life.

Course Objective: The student will engage in a writing process with attention to audience, organization, focus, quality of ideas, and a purpose.

Grade 9-12
Prerequisites: None
Quarter Credit: .25