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English Language Arts

The mission of English Language Arts is to provide students with a virtual curriculum which supports them in becoming independent, critical readers writers, listeners and speakers who communicate effectively in a variety of forms, for various purposes and audiences.

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English 11

This course is designed so that students will be able to read, write, and communicate effectively through writing, literary analysis and critical thinking as they:

  • explore concepts related to literature from cultures and traditions found in American Literature
  • using informational, expository or persuasive texts,students will be able to demonstrate literal, interpretive, inferential and evaluative comprehension
  • read to understand, respond, analyze, interpret, evaluate and appreciate a wide variety of fiction, poetic, and
  • nonfiction texts, develop writing skills in narrative,expository, descriptive, persuasive and critical modes
  • develop and apply writing skills in research studies including the location and use of information in reference materials
  • explore and reflect on their learning through independent projects, group projects and reflective writing, speaking, and listening activities
  • discuss the relationships between evaluating a literary selection from several critical perspectives

Grade 11
Prerequisites: English 10 or the equivalency

Quarter Credit: .25