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English Language Arts

The mission of English Language Arts is to provide students with a virtual curriculum which supports them in becoming independent, critical readers writers, listeners and speakers who communicate effectively in a variety of forms, for various purposes and audiences.

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English 12

This course is designed so that students will be able to read and communicate effectively through writing, literary analysis and critical thinking as they:

  • explore concepts related to literature from many cultures and traditions, both fiction and nonfiction in a variety of genres, purposes and styles
  • discuss, expand, compare and contrast the relationships between and among their communities
  • analyze personal academic choices aligned to literary and writing expectations for creating post-secondary academic plans
  • develop and expand skills of media literacy by critically analyzing information found in print and electronic media
  • use a variety of these sources to learn about a topic and represent ideas, explore, expand and reflect on their learning with the studyof philosophy through a literary lens
  • deepening mastery of various types of writing including the use of reflection, narrative, persuasive, and expository

Grade 12
Prerequisites: English 11 or the equivalency

Quarter Credit: .25