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Enroll for school year 2021-22

Beginning in September 2021, MPS is launching its MPS Online School for students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

While an online school option has been available for high school students for many years, with the changes to teaching and learning brought on by the pandemic, MPS wants to ensure that an online option is available to a broader range of students. Many students thrive with online learning. 

MPS Online School will also be the best option for students and families if COVID-19 is still significantly present in our community next school year and they would prefer to participate in distance learning rather than in-person learning. However, unlike how we currently provide students with the option to switch back and forth to in-person learning and distance learning, students who choose MPS Online School for next year will need to stay online because they lose their seats in their original community or magnet school.

If families change their mind about the online school, they will need to request a new school through MPS’s school request process. That’s because MPS Online School is like any other school with a community of students, teachers, counselors, social workers and other support staff. 

Students who enroll in MPS Online School will receive additional information before the start of the new school year. MPS Online School will include a toolkit that parents/caregivers can access to be best prepared for the beginning of the school year.

More details will be coming soon on available classes and student schedules. Meanwhile, please see the frequently asked questions for more information and the Profile of an Online Learner.