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A Note for Parents


Your child may enroll for a combination of online courses while attending their regular high school, or attend online as a full time student. Helping your child to achieve in an online course can be both rewarding and a challenge. While you are able to see all of the student’s assignments and the timeline in which they are due, helping a child to self-direct his or her own learning can be the most difficult thing to master.  Online educators want you to be aware of what your child is learning and his or her approach to that learning. If you choose to you can have access to a portal to your child's online work and progress.


Here is what the research says are the major challenges for an online learner:

  • There are technical requirements
  • A learner must be “active” not “passive”
  • A learner must take initiative
  • There is a lot of self organization that must take place
  • There is self-pacing and planning required
  • The content may be difficult to understand
  • The instructor may not be immediately available to answer questions
  • A learner must know how to ask for help

Here are some of the ways you can assist your online learner:

  • Help the learner to determine a time and schedule they will go online to do their class assignments – assignments should be done on time and students should be going online several times a week
  • Check in with your learner.  Ask them to show you the work they have turned in and the grades they have received.  Discuss their progress with them.  Encourage them to contact their teachers if they are having any difficulties, or have any questions. 
  • If your learner is having technical difficulties or any problems there are always three ways to remedy this:
    • Contact the teacher through email, text or messaging.  Contact information should be on each teacher's class page.

Why We Think Online Learning is So Important

Online learning helps prepare your learner in the 21st century skills which includes digital literacy; most of the information we learn, we learn independently from school. Students who are effective online learners can become effective lifelong learners.

Monitor Your Student's Progress on Odysseyware

Please use the Odysseyware Parent Request Form to register for a parent/guardian account. This account will allow you to access your studen't progress in all of their online courses. Be sure to monitor your email as a verification email will be sent and expires after twenty-four hours.