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High School Mathematics
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Students are required to take three years of high school mathematics to meet graduation requirements for Minneapolis Public Schools. Mathematics courses are designed to strengthen problem solving skills and prepare students for the future.We believe all students deserve to learn important and challenging mathematics, thus becoming competent and confident problem solvers!

Please feel free to look at the student work posted on the right side bar. It will help to give you an idea of work you will be doing and tools we use. 

Below is a list of our current online math courses: 


The relationships between lines, points, and solids is studied as a mathematical system based on Euclidean geometry. Topics include the deductive methods of proof, geometric constructions, and the practical applications of plane and solid geometric principals. Connections between Algebra and Geometry will be explored and Algebra 1 skills will be reviewed. The goal of this course is to support students’ ability to:

  • Recognize and describe patterns in data and use that information to make conjectures
  • Use geometric symbols and properties to represent and analyze these relationships among both planar and three-dimensional figures
  • Develop inductive and deductive reasoning skills
  • Calculate measurements of plane and solid geometric figures
  • Know that physical measurements depend on the choice of a unit and that they are approximations.
  • Know and apply properties of geometric figures to solve real-world and mathematical problems and to logically justify results in geometry.
  • Solve real-world and mathematical geometric problems using algebraic methods.

Grade 10
Prerequisites: Algebra

Quarter Credit: .25


  • Lessons 25% of student grade
  • Quizzes 25% of student grade
  • Projects (performance tasks) 25% of student grade
  • Tests 25% of student grade


total course grade

A ( 93%-100%), A- (90%-92%)

B+(87%-89%), B (83%-86%), B- (80%-82%)

C+(77%-79%), C (73%-76%), C- (70%-72%)

D+(67%-69%), D (63%-66%), D- (60%-62%)

F ( < 60%)