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Social Studies

The mission of social studies is to create and deliver a rich and rigorous curriculum that develops the social understanding, critical thinking, and civic efficacy necessary for making responsible decisions in the 21st century.

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US Government

Satisfactory completion of this course meets the state 9-12 social studies standards and credit requirements for government and citizenship. Through this study of government and citizenship, students will understand:

  • How the founding documents define the ideals of the United States
  • How the common good and individual liberties are balanced
  • How a nations form of government impacts the social, political, and economic aspects of peoples lives
  • How state, county, and local governments serve the needs of the citizens
  • How conflicts between Native American governments and the state and/or federal government are resolved
  • How participation in civil discourse, civic action, and democratic processes benefit American society
  • How the competing interests of stakeholders create public policy and to what degree do the policies created reflect public interest

Grade 12
Quarter Credit: .25
Prerequisite United States History (11)