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Middle School Math Acceleration for MPLS Students

Beginning in 2006, MPS Online has supported math acceleration services in several middle schools in the Minneapolis school district.  The model was built around having a grade 6-12 licensed math teacher provide math instruction in the area of Intermediate Algebra and/or Geometry.   Students enrolled in these courses were able to earn high school math credit upon successful completion of the course.

MPS 8th Grade Online Geometry- Your middle school has a selection and referral process. Please check in with your middle school to see what that process is. 


*Students who were in Telescoped Algebra 8|Intermediate Algebra with a 6-12 licensed math teacher

*Middle school has appropriate supervision and structure for the student to take the class

*Referred to MPS Online 

Enrollment Process:

*Students are referred to MPS Online for enrollment. If your are unsure about your student's referral, please connect with your middle school. 

*Student, Parent and School Counselor (and or enrollment specialist) will need to complete this form [link] and this form [link] and email it to . 

*Students will be enrolled for the school year and take the course in its entirety. 

More questions? Please feel free to reach out to Chris Hubbard, TOSA at MACC/MPS Online at or Chris Wernimont, 6-12 District Mathematics Program Facilitator at .