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Science classes are focused on making students informed scientifically literate citizens.

The state of Minnesota requires three (3) years of science. This should include one (1) year of Biology and one (1) year of Chemistry or Physics.


Browse the following science courses offered at MPS On-Line below, or for a more detailed MPS science information, click HERE.

Physics 1 & 2

Physics is a standards based online course focused on how matter and energy are related, transferred, and conserved.

Students will:

  • Investigate the concepts of speed, velocity, acceleration, vectors, displacement, and projectile motion 
  • Explore and describe Newton’s laws
  • Investigate and demonstrate that energy exists in different forms, can be transformed, and conserved
  • Explore potential and kinetic energy
  • Describe how changes in energy can result in physical changes in matter, including density, volume, and pressure
  • Investigate and describe the relationship between electric currents and magnetic fields
  • Explore and describe the characteristics of the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Study the structure and composition of the universe

Grade: 11th or 12th
Quarter Credit: .25


  • Lessons 25% of student grade
  • Quizzes 25% of student grade
  • Projects (performance tasks) 25% of student grade
  • Tests 25% of student grade


total course grade

A ( 93%-100%), A- (90%-92%)

B+(87%-89%), B (83%-86%), B- (80%-82%)

C+(77%-79%), C (73%-76%), C- (70%-72%)

D+(67%-69%), D (63%-66%), D- (60%-62%)

F ( < 60%)