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Thank you for your interest in MPS Online.

There are several options for enrolling with MPS Online as a high school student. Before enrolling in online classes it is always good to discuss any changes to your academic plan with your school counselor or make an appointment with MPS Online to discuss what possibilities are available to you.


Supplemental (part-time) enrollment in online learning (Nonresident and Resident District)

Supplemental enrollment means a student enrolls in online learning classes in addition to their local school classes. Enrollment in supplemental online learning courses during a single school year is limited up to a maximum of half of a student’s full schedule of courses per term. Students who enroll part-time usually do so to make up credits, to do credit acceleration, as part of a PSEO program, to complete courses not available, or to take classes that do not fit into their regular schedule.  There is a fee ($195 per quarter credit) for Non-MPLS students wishing to enroll in supplemental classes beyond their tradition school day schedule.


Comprehensive (full-time) enrollment in online learning (Nonresident and Resident District)

Comprehensive enrollment means a student enrolls exclusively in an online learning program as a full-time student.  Enrolling in a comprehensive online learning program requires a visit to the Placement Center located at 1250 W. Broadway Ave.  To be enroll into the Minneapolis Online Learning program, students need to be enrolled in Minneapolis Public Schools. The open enrollment process normally takes place at the beginning of each quarter. 

If you are already a Minneapolis student who wishes to enroll online full time, contact the MPS Online office at 612.668.1450 to set up an appointment to meet with a MPS online staff. A parent must attend this meeting if you are under 18 years old. We also suggest that you meet with your school counselor prior to meeting with us, to discuss the options available to you at your high school, while attending MPS Online. Upon graduation you will receive a diploma from Minneapolis Public Schools. If you are a current MPS student, you will receive your diploma from your home high school.

Fixed enrollment program:

MPS Online Learning is a fixed enrollment program.  Courses are offered to students with specific start and end dates.  Students can register and enroll in our program during designated enrollment dates for each quarter.  We have found that students taking online courses are most successful when given specific start and end dates.  

Enrollment Dates for 2019-2020 School Year are to be determined and will be posted as soon as a schedule is made. 

Information in-regards to logging into Odysseyware and/or MyMPS, and your classes will be sent to you once your registration has been received and approved. 


Statement of assurances and expectations:

• I understand that I and my parent(s)/guardian(s) will be expected to meet with Online staff to determine if being a full time online student is a good academic choice for me, before I will be accepted as a full time online student.

•I have reviewed the Student Handbook and understand the expectations of being a MPS Online Learning Student.

• I understand that I should go through the MPS North or South side Student Placement Centers prior to meeting with Online staff, if I am an out of district student, applying to be a full time online student. For more information call 612-668-1840.

• I understand that the MPS Online Learning program follows the district attendance policy, and that I will be expected to go online at least 4 – 5 hours a week per class to do class work, turn in assignments, to discuss class topics with peers, and to turn in at least 4 assignments per week per class.  I also understand that teachers will be determining if I am meeting MPS attendance expectations 2 times per week, and that if I fail to meet these expectations, without contacting my teacher, it may be recorded as unexcused absences, and will affect my grade in the class.  See the MPS attendance policy:

• I understand that I must make all required face-to-face meetings or make alternate arrangements with my teachers to attend meetings, labs, seminars, etc. 

• I understand that I am required to do all course work with academic honesty, meaning that I will not plagiarize, cheat, or fabricate information on assignments.  I understand that if I share my work with other students with the intent that they can claim it as their work, I will be held equally responsible in the consequences. 

• I understand that I can communicate through the Odysseyware, and MyMPS, Learning Management Messaging system with my instructor about questions I have about how to do assignments and about what I’m learning. I also understand that I can call or meet with my teacher during office hours if I need help.

• I understand that I am expected to complete each course by the end of the quarter and that if I get ill or otherwise have complications that prohibit me from finishing I need to contact the teacher and the Online Learning Coordinating staff via Odysseyware, and MyMPS, Learning Management Messaging system, email or call 612-668-0254.

• I understand I can take the course for grade only.  All grades earned, including the credit option are worth .25 credits per quarter. 

• I understand that if I do not meet the above requirements I can be dropped from the course, and that my transcript will reflect a fail for the class unless the class was for credit (no credit) or alternate arrangements have been made in writing with the teacher.

I understand that if I wish to drop a course, the request must be made to the Coordinator, Counselor and Teacher within the first 2 weeks of starting the course.  After the first 2 weeks it will be considered a failing grade if the student drops the course.  


2019-2020 School Year Registration

Open Enrollment for MPS Online Dates to Remember!

Quarter 1 Open Enrollment for MPS Online is CLOSED!

Quarter 2 Open Enrollment for MPS Online is- CLOSED!

 Quarter 3 Open Enrollment for MPS Online is- January 13, 2020 -January 24, 2020

 Quarter 4 Open Enrollment for MPS Online is- March 23, 2020-April 10, 2020

 (We are closed March 30, 2019-April 3 for Spring Break) - Expect Enrollment Delays.