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Meet Principal Shawntel Jenkins.

Chris Hubbard

TOSA Administrator, MACC and Online Learning
James Metcalf

Online Administrator (Support)
Joua Yang

School Counselor, Online Learning & MACC 
Jenny Hopkins

Teacher, English Second Language, Online Learning 
Jim Stock

Science Teacher, Online Learning 
Kelsey Zogby

Telescoped Math grades 4 and 5
Kinzi Peterson

Mathematics Teacher, Telescoped Math 
Lynn Lurvy

English Teacher, Online Learning
Reid T Anderson

Special Education Teacher, MACC and Online Learning 
Seth Leavitt

Mathematics Teacher, Telescoped Math
Shane Thomas

Social Studies Teacher, Online Learning
Shawntel Jenkins

Principal (see principal announcement) 
Tammy Cowan

Health and Fitness Teacher, Online Learning 
William Holm

Mathematics Teacher, Online Learning 612.394.3901