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It takes a lot of self-motivation for students to direct their own learning in a virtual environment. While you will be using robust online texts and curricula there are some strategies that can help you succeed.

There are some expectations about:

  • -- how much time you spend on each class,
  • -- attending virtual seminars, and
  • -- contacting your teacher.

Going to School Online

What does it mean to go to school online? Like all schools, MPS Online is made up of many parts, most of them accessible through the Internet. MPS Online students use the internet, and an online program called Moodle to show up for classes, share ideas and information with teachers and other students, access textbooks, read, write, research, ask and answer questions, work on projects, complete quizzes and tests, and do many other activities that are part of the high school learning experience.

Odysseyware learning management systems are the core of the MPS online learning experience—this is where and how you'll come to school every day. To use  Odysseyware, you need to be connected to the Internet. You also need a username and password. This username and password is usually the same one you use at your traditional MPS high school. If you do not attend a MPS high school, we will create a login and password for you at the time of your orientation.

Once you log in to Odysseyware, you will find yourself on your "Home Page". This page allows you to link to  the student orientation page, which contains announcements, and information about our program and our policies, as well as to the courses you are enrolled into. Each time you log into Odysseyware, you should check for messages from your teacher. 

Each of your courses has a link to your instructor, under "Participants", and everything you need to know in order to succeed in a course. In each course you will:

  • read course-related news and announcements,
  • find out about your assignments,
  • link to special course resources,
  • share work and discuss ideas with your teacher and with other students,
  • submit assignments when they are completed, and look for assignments that your teacher has reviewed, graded or commented on, and returned to you. All required work for all of your courses can be connected to through Moodle, the program software we use.

Regular, active participation is required

Attendance in an online school is as important as attendance in a traditional classroom. In order to learn, complete courses, and graduate you'll need to login and participate on a regular basis. Just logging in is not enough! We expect that you will spend one to one-and a-half well-focused hours per day on each course. In all courses you will have at least three assignments turned in each week.  While online teachers take attendance, online learning is also flexible. Students do not need to log-in at exact times every day, however,  you will need to finish your coursework in nine weeks, or within the district defined quarter.  Any student expecting to leave all of the work until you have that open weekend right before the end of the quarter will find that they have a.) been dropped from the class, or b.) failed the class.

Remember: If your are absent for two consecutive weeks you can be dropped from the course, or if not dropped, receive an F on your transcript.  If you are unable to attend class for an excused reason, You must let your teachers know before you are gone.  Full-Time students who are absent for 2 consecutive weeks are considered Truant and will be treated as such.

A student has two instructional weeks from the beginning of the semester within which to officially drop a course. If you stop participating in a course without withdrawing you are in danger of failing. Your grade for that course will be included on your transcript and will be used to calculate your grade point average. The beginning and end dates of each quarter is listed on the Moodle calendar.

Please remember to keep in mind that not all work in an online class is done online. Most online classes include a face-to-face component such as fitness tests, CPR courses, field trips, science labs, class discussions, or paper and pencil tests.  Failure to meet any or all of the above requirements may result in being dropped from a class and/or receiving an F.

Our expectation is that you will login to your Learning Management Site and check each course you are enrolled in at least once a day, Monday through Friday. This will be easier for you if you set up a regular time of day to do it.