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There are as many reasons for becoming an online student, as there are ways to do so.

What kinds of students benefit from MPS online courses?

  • The student who can’t seem to fit Physical Education or Health in their already full schedule.
  • The student who needs to finish additional credits to graduate.
  • The student who wants to take a course their school does not offer.
  • The student with a disability or short term medical issue and needs to work from home. We don't provide homebound.
  • The student who is home schooled and wants additional classes. (Note: If you are a home schooled student you will be responsible for a tuition fee which is $195 per quarter credit)
  • The student who needs an alternative learning setting.
  • The student who wants to be a full time online student.

Ways to be enrolled in MPS online course.

  • You can stay enrolled in your "brick and mortar" school and just take one or two classes with MPS Online.
  • You can enroll full time with MPS Online, and earn your diploma.
    • As a full time student, you can still participate in the sports programs and extra curricular activities offered at your Minneapolis home school.
    • You can still graduate, and "walk" with your Minneapolis home school.
  • You can enroll concurrently to work half days at your high school, or in PSEO, and half days online.
    • Credits earned at MPS Online are recognized by the State of Minnesota Department of Education and are accepted by MN school districts.
  • You can enroll in our Summer School program.
  • You can enroll as a fifth year senior to earn the credits needed to graduate, while you are working.

We can work with you to create a personalized plan that works for you.