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Telescope Math

Blended Online Telescoped Math

Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) provides a variety of mathematics courses from Kindergarten through twelfth grade.  In its continuing effort to appropriately address the needs of every learner in the district, MPS has added a “telescoped” sequence to its offerings.

Telescoped courses compact the curriculum.  All topics in the Minnesota State Standards are included in telescoped courses.  The pace of the coursework is faster in a telescoped course.

Math 4/5, Math 5/6, Math 7/8, and Math 8|9 (also known as Algebra 8|Intermediate Algebra) are offered.  Fourth grade students will learn the 4th grade curriculum and half of the 5th grade curriculum.  Fifth grade students will complete the second half of the 5th grade curriculum as well as the 6th grade curriculum.  Sixth and seventh grade students will learn the 7th grade curriculum and half of the 8th grade curriculum and 8th grade students will complete the 8th and 9th grade curriculum.

There are two ways these courses are offered to students:

  • Traditional in school class, with a classroom teacher
  • Blended online with  Kinzi Peterson (4|5),  Kelsey Zogby (5|6), Jamie Wild (4|5 and 5|6) or Seth Leavitt (7|8 and 8|9), online Math teachers for the entire district

The blended, online course will include the same content as the traditional classroom.  Students will work in a small group supervised by in-school staff.  But unlike a traditional class, the content delivery will be online.  Activities will be both online and offline.  Mrs.Zogby, Mrs. Peterson, Ms. Wild and Mr. Leavitt will visit each of their schools approximately once every week.  This is the “blended” part of the course.  While most content will be online, in person instruction is also included. 

Students will engage in the blended, online course during their regular math period.

A typical day for a student in the blended, online course would start with him/her logging on to the course web site.  The online teachers created these sites expressly for the Telescoped Math courses.  A link to the day’s lesson is on the home page.  Typically, a lesson will include 2-4 activities.  Activities might be an interactive assignment, a pencil and paper assignment, a quiz, or a web-based math activity.  There will be a staff person present to help students with the technical aspects of the course, but Mrs. Zogby, Mrs. Peterson, Ms. Wild or Mr. Leavitt will deliver the math instruction.  Students can contact him/her electronically while they are working so any questions can be answered immediately.

This is a general overview of the blended, online, telescoped math courses.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.